The G.W.A offers the opportunity for non-English speaking children to take an English upgrade during their first year of study.


The proximity of the two sites is an essential asset for the comfort, security and well-being of the children.

As a matter of fact, the G.W.A and the M.T.A are only 300ft apart. Students can safely walk from one place to the other.


Typical daily program:


From 8 am to 2:20 pm: fundamental class at G.W.A.


From 3 pm to 6 pm: tennis at the MTA.


The tennis-study program extends over the school year.



The accommodation center is located on the grounds of the Moundir Tennis Academy. It allows players to make the most of the academy’s Tennis-Study program.





The restaurant of the MTA offers a balanced diet.


There is one set menu for the academy’s students during the week and an unrestricted one on weekends.


External students can also benefit from our half board formula.