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A tennis for all !



Opened in 2007, the Moundir Tennis Academy is a fully integrated tennis academy still unmatched in Morocco and Africa.  


It is the only tennis club bringing together, all in one place, the possibility of accommodation, catering and a place dedicated to relaxation and well-being.

It is the only tennis academy that meets all the needs and demands for both professional and amateur players.


The academy is located about twenty minutes away from the heart of Casablanca and 5 minutes away from the beach.

The serenity and tranquillity that prevail at the MTA make it a wonderful place for an optimal concentration for professionals but also for those who want to get away from the everyday life and play tennis as amateurs. You can also choose to just enjoy the sports and well-being facilities of the club.




1. Discipline of the body in 4 fundamental points:

• A restful sleep

• An adapted and balanced diet

• An optimal physical condition

• Careful stretching


2. Discipline of the mind in 3 fundamental points:

• Respect for the opponent and the partner

• Respect for the coach

• Carefully prepared sport bag




Where there is a will, there is a way


• The will to excel

• The will to overcome you fear

• More than a sport; a passion




•  Be patient and maintain your confidence and concentration.


Note to parents: It is for you to encourage, motivate and comfort your child who wants to become a tennis player and who can!



Founding President of the Moundir Tennis Academy

Abderrahim Moundir is a true Moroccan tennis legend.


He coached and captained the Moroccan Davis Cup team for 10 years and has been active in the tennis world for more than 40 years at the highest level. In 1981 he won his first title, African Champion, as Captain.


Trained in France at the notorious Pierre Barthes tennis club, one of the most prestigious European tennis center of that era, he learned the basics of tennis which led him, over the years, to become an expert.


The Moundir Tennis Academy - MTA is the result of Abderrahim Moundir's years of experience and encounters with the greatest players and coaches and in the most famous academies around the world.


This club thought and built by him, for you, gathers all the conditions for a tennis that suits everyone, whether it be competitive tennis, advanced training courses or amateur tennis, for all ages.



The MTA has unique infrastructures in Morocco that make it the most popular academy for group or individual concentrations.


In addition to the outdoor and indoor tennis courts, the MTA has an onsite accommodation center, restaurant, gym, swimming pool, yoga and reiki center.


These facilities are gathered all in one place in order to give you a unique, complete and personalized experience.

Clay court
Hard court
Indoor courts
Yoga Shalla
Swimming Pool


The best way to introduce your children, or yourself, to our passion.


The school of tennis is more than just a place for learning how to play tennis.

It represents a school of respect for oneself and others, a school of togetherness, a school of discipline, a school of performance and of surpassing oneself, in other words a school of life.


The MTA’s qualified coaches are here to teach in a fun and educational way.


Tennis camps are the only way to progress quickly and surely.


Our intensive or semi-intensive formulas will enable you to train at your own pace and surprise yourself with a quick evolution.


The Moundir Tennis Academy’s tennis camps are open to beginners and experienced players.



The Tennis-Study program, like any sport-study program, gives young tennis players the opportunity to progress and persevere in tennis while pursuing school.


In order to guarantee a high level of education, the Moundir Tennis Academy has formed a strong partnership with the George Washington Academy (american school of Casablanca).


In addition to the high level of education provided by the GWA, your child will be multilingual, a definite added value, regardless of his sporting or professional career.




The MTA is the only tennis academy in Morocco with a fully integrated accommodation center and restaurant.

A tennis for all !







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